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Booking A Wedding Band - Top Tips

When it comes to your big day, there’s so much to think about: the cake, the food, the ceremony, the flowers, the guests... the list can be pretty exhausting!

Every wedding we’ve ever performed at, though, always ends in the same way - with a great, big party with some fantastic music getting all the invitees, the families and the happy couple dancing the night away and singing along, arm in arm.

That’s where we come in.

As one of the country's leading professional wedding bands, we know better than most just how important this part of the day is. But how do you make sure you’ve got the right act, from the off? What should you be looking for? What should you be checking? In this blog, we’ll be 100% transparent, and detail exactly what you should look for in a wedding band to help your special day end in the most perfect of ways.

Check the videos

A lot of the top-ranked wedding bands and agencies on Google pay through the nose to appear there. However, it’s not always gospel that those that appear first are perfect for you. What you should do is check their videos: that’s how you’ll decipher which band is the right band.

Have a look at their showreel to see how they interact with each other and how they look on stage, but the majority of the time these are pre-recorded and overdubbed. Nothing wrong with that. But this just means you should also make sure to take a look at any live videos - this will give you a true representation of just what you’ll be getting on the night.

Check the reviews

It’s all well and good hiring a wedding band who sound the bees knees, but what if they’re the rudest people you’ve ever met? What if they turn up late on the regular? The best way to make sure you’re getting a truly professional wedding band is to check their reviews, be that on Wedding Band Reviews, Top UK Wedding Bands, wedding forums or social media. These reviews can’t be edited/changed/taken down - so what you see is the truest representation of a review! If they’ve got 5* review after 5* review... well, you’ve come to our page ;)

Check their choice of songs

This almost goes without saying, but make sure the band is right not only for you and your spouse but for those attending the party as well. If you’re booking a heavy metal band and the majority of your crowd are 20-somethings who prefer to listen to Girls Aloud, you’re probably not going to see many people on the dancefloor. The best wedding bands cover all grounds, playing tunes from the 50s through to the present day, skipping from rock to pop to Motown and back again.

Most bands will have their setlist on their website, but it’s always worth asking them to send you their most recent. That, along with the videos, and you’ll have a really clear view of what to expect.

Secure it with a contract

Don’t sign anything until you’ve seen the band’s terms and conditions, and received a written booking confirmation. This not only protects you and your money, but also shows exactly what you can expect from the band. For example, would you know exactly how much power or space the band would need? Would you be aware that they will charge you travel or accommodation expenses, and how much these would be? And what about cancellation? Could you be liable to pay, even if you cancelled or postponed with good reason?

Read. The. Ts&Cs. Then sign - and keep - the contract.

See what else the band offers

Did you know we offer a DJ service, three requests and the performance of a first dance as part of our package? Or that we can perform an afternoon acoustic set as an added extra? A lot of wedding bands will charge for first dances or requests, but we choose not to. Why? Simply because this is your special night, so you deserve to hear the music you want to hear.

Some bands might offer a brass section, a female vocalist or if you’re booking a big jazz band, the option to hire a 6-piece band or a 16-piece band. Make sure you do your homework and get the deal that suits you best.

Book early

The best wedding bands get booked up. And fast. If your wedding is within the next six months and you’re yet to even start looking at booking your evening entertainment, it would be worth your while to get searching. It can take time and a fair few searches for you to come across the right band and, even then, you may want to head out and watch them in action, so you get a taste of what’s to come. We’d recommend booking 6-12 months in advance to avoid disappointment, but the earlier you do it the better. Some bands even allow you to spread out the cost over time, which could be hugely beneficial to the budget!

Essentially, there are three things to bear in mind:

  1. Do your research

  2. Secure it with a contract

  3. Book well in advance

By following these rules, you’ll find the perfect wedding band, DJ or musician who fills your wedding venue with happy faces, dancing feet and singing voices.

If you know what you want in a wedding band, brilliant! If you don’t, then feel free to drop us a line - we’d be happy to talk you through anything.


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