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Chloe's Surprise Birthday Party

The hardest thing about surprise parties is staying quiet, waiting patiently for the door to swing to, signalling the arrival of the partygoer. It’s particularly tricky when you’re a fully amplified and mic’d up live wedding and party band who can’t wait to perform to a room full of people up for a dance - but we’re professional enough to not let our itchy fingers get the better of us!

Saturday’s gig was a special one: a surprise 21st birthday party for Chloe Phillips in Truro, Cornwall. Thankfully Chloe has some tight-lipped friends and family, as no-one let slip what was going on, keeping it a secret right up until the night! Totally unaware, the birthday girl turned up at 7.30pm greeted by a HUGE cheer, party poppers and a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday”, started by our frontman David.

Band equipment on stage

We kicked off our first set at 8.15pm, stopping around an hour later for Chloe’s dad to make a lovely speech about his daughter growing up and reaching her landmark and for the buffet to be served (special mention for those amazing cupcakes!). The second set was lively, with the crowd really getting into Wild Cherry's classic Play That Funky Music and Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire, always a brilliant tune to get everyone singing along.

We ended with our usual complimentary DJ set - and don’t think we’ve ever seen people go so crazy for Sweet Caroline. Dancing on tables, swinging off of chairs… you lot were incredible, and we weren’t surprised most of you carried on with a night out in Truro!!

People dancing at a birthday party

Thanks to the Elerkey Bar and Veryan Social Club in Truro for their fantastic hospitality, and to Chloe’s mum Suzanne for hiring us. Well done as well to everyone for keeping the party a secret from Chloe - it’s never easy!!

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