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Tips and Tricks for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

How To Enjoy Your Big Day While Staying Eco-Friendly!

Nowadays, we are all trying to incorporate eco-responsible habits into our daily lives. But we often throw these out of the window when it comes to throwing parties and events. Luckily, throwing a sustainable wedding is becoming easier by the day. Wedding vendors are conscious of these changes in peoples’ mentalities. Therefore, there are a whole range of eco-friendly decorations and venues on offer for your big day. From the big decisions, to the tiny details, going green for your wedding doesn’t need to be a hassle.

Start with eco-conscious invitations

Depending on the size of your wedding, you can waste a lot of paper sending invitations to all of your guests. Wedding vendors are increasingly conscious about how to make their clients’ weddings as eco-friendly as possible, so lucky for you, there are a number of ways to get around the issue of paper invitations. Why write your invitations on recycled paper? When doing your research for your big day, try to find companies who use alternative materials and have the environment in mind when it comes to their products. To go the extra mile, why not digitalise your invitations entirely? Write emails or e-cards to all of your guests. That way, you don’t have to worry at all about the environmental cost of simply inviting people to your wedding. Starting to make these eco-friendly changes well ahead of your wedding day will set the tone for the type of wedding you have.

Choose your wedding venue carefully

Your whole wedding day will be spent in the venue, so as well as making it beautiful and customised to you and your partner, ensure that it also meets your priorities when it comes to having an eco-friendly wedding. Firstly, and if weather permits, choose an outdoor space for your wedding. You can save money on lights by taking advantage of natural lighting and buying eco-friendly fairy lights for the evening. As well as this, you can even save money on decorations. Many wedding venues have beautiful outdoor spaces which are decorated with their own natural beauty. Decorations are a major source of waste on wedding days, so why not take advantage of what you already have?

If you are forced inside on your wedding day for reasons of weather or cost, make sure that the venue takes its environmental responsibilities seriously. For example, ask them who supplies their energy and if they are contracted to a green energy tariff, and ask the staff to make sure all lights are switched off in rooms that are not in use. You can even choose a venue that has a LEED certification and other energy ratings that prove their eco-responsibility. Just because a venue is eco-conscious, that doesn’t mean that they need to be more expensive. Thanks to government schemes like the Energy Price Cap, going green doesn’t need to be at great expense! To know more about the LEED certification, check out their website.

Do you really need all those flowers?

We know that flowers are a cornerstone of wedding decoration. But, I think we can agree that sometimes people go a little overboard. Remember, cut flowers aren’t very good for the environment. They don’t last very long, and they often have to be shipped from afar. Lot’s of florists now provide fake flowers that look exceptionally real. Just beware not to buy ones made from plastic! If you’d rather stick with the natural option, then you could buy potted plants which could then be distributed amongst your guests, or taken home with you afterwards. These will last a lot longer than cut flowers, and look just as beautiful.

Don’t stop there!

Now your wedding is over, make sure that you continue to incorporate these eco-friendly practices into your life. From having an environmentally-friendly honeymoon, to opting for greener energy tariffs in the first home you buy together, small changes can make a big difference.


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